Ready To Cook

Frozen / (3) 4 lb Bags per case
Thin-Sliced Seasoned Sirloin, Hand-Layer Packed
Thin-Sliced Au Jus Seasoned Beef Steaks
Thin-Sliced Chopped and Formed Beef Steaks, seasoned with pepper and garlic
Thin-Sliced Seasoned Beef Steak, sliced peppers and onions added

Fully Cooked IQF

Frozen / (3) 4 lb Bags per case
Solid Muscle, Thin-Sliced, Hand-Layer Packed Beef Steak (0% Marination)
Solid Muscle, Thin-Sliced, Hand-Layer Packed Beef Steak
(Seasoned and Enhanced)
Chopped & Formed Thin-Sliced Beef Steak (Seasoned and Enhanced)
Thin Sliced, Emulsified, Chopped & Formed Beef Steak
Oval Shaped “Fall Apart” Beef Steak (Enhanced)
Ready-to-Cook Meats: Our ready-to-cook products come frozen and are available in both flat and break-away forms. With consistent production standards and rigorous quality assurance, Allied’s ready-to-cook products help restaurant operators drive increased revenue by enabling them to dramatically reduce labor costs, improve food safety, and reduce complexity in the kitchen.
Fully Cooked, Individually Quick Frozen Slices: Our IQF products provide one-step preparation that’s quick convenient and consistent. We hand-trim whole muscle meat into thin-sliced steaks that are marinated and fully prepared prior to cooking and individually freezing to preserve all the flavor and juiciness.